New Year New Frontier


I am always excited when a new year emergies, because it gives you the opportunity to take on new steps, reappraise your goals, birth new idea, and above all it gives you the opportunity to do things differently.

In my previous post, I talked about YOUR HAIR, YOUR IDENTITY. I often hear people say, “My Natural hair is my Only Identity and once it’s damaged, I no longer have a true version of myself”.  But the truth is that anything you choose to represent you,  either your hair, your clothes, your shoes, your make up etc is a true version of yourself because that’s what your mind & soul desires.

With this in mind, I want to encourage you reading this,  to take ownership of what you choose to represent your inner self and identity. Own it, use it well, nurture it and treat it well. Every hair piece ( Wig or Extension) or style choice is a representation of yourself and you should treat it like THIS IS WHO I AM- I am strong, bold, beautiful  and I AM THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY. With this in mind you’ll be concerned about how every single hair piece  you wear looks and how it is catered for and this gives people the opportunity to get to know the real you without even speaking .




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