My Hair, My Identity



I have taken out time to do a research on the  importance of a woman to consciously take care of her hair and anything she does to and with it!

I found out that a complete representation of a woman, makes it possible for her presentation to either be impactful or damaging. Hence I decided to take out time to enlighten our women on the importance of our Image and how well we represent ourselves to those we share our personalities with.

I believe this is going to be an inspiring journey because we believe that EVERY WOMAN IS THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY irrespective of your age, colour and mindset. 

With this in mind everyone woman deserves to be celebrated irrespective of whether you wear your natural hair or you wear extensions IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE. 

There are women suffering in silence because they are not proud of the condition they have with their hair either because they have experienced hair loss or medical conditions that had a negative impact on their hair. We are hear to tell you that whatever condition or situation you find yourself, YOU ARE THE PERFECTION OF BEAUTY.

A huge respect to every woman on this PLANET.

Victoria Speaks

2 thoughts on “My Hair, My Identity”

  1. Very true. God has a reason he gave our hair. Therefore we should celebrate ourselves first and be proud of our hair identity.

  2. Victoria smart . Thank you for being an inspiration all round, your voice, you hair therapy, your cosmetics I can go on and on is amazing . You are simple the best. Please go for all her products because they are fantastic. ××××× that is my rating for victoria Smart

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